The Vampire Facial – What Is It?

The Kardashians have made The Vampire Facial quite popular because Kim and Khourtney have had it done!

Procedures with PRP are becoming quite the rage as they have been used in sports medicine for several years. It was found that by stimulating collagen and elastin growth that platelets can kick the healing process into overdrive. With that finding, it made its way into aesthetic medicine as an anti-aging serum and more.

Thanks to modern science, we now know that platelets contain various factors that stimulate the production of collagen, elastic fibers, and new blood vessels. MicroNeedling causes direct trauma to the skin and as a result, the body rushes to repair the wounds sending platelets and cells to the rescue. As platelets play a significant role in terms of growth factors, it seems particularly appealing to inject the plasma back into the skin through the punctured holes to really speed up the healing of tissues. After all, PRP is prepared from your own blood so it is perfectly bio-compatible. Essentially, your skin is regenerated with its own blood cells.

For the Vampire Facial – a vile of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and then put inside a centrifuge. When it is done spinning, red blood cells are separated from the yellow “Platelet Rich Plasma”. While this is happening a numbing cream is placed on the patient’s face. Once the PRP is extrapulated, it then gets smeared onto the face and by using the MicroNeedling Pen – it makes punctures into the skin while feeding it with plasma. There is little to no downtime involved in this procedure. You can’t apply make-up for 24 hours and you must use an SPF. Sometimes minor bruising can occur. This facial improves your overall complexion, texture, and firmness of the skin and you will also see a reduction in scars, pore size and stretch marks. You will also notice under eye bags disappear as well fine lines. Within a few days you will have beautiful healthy glowing skin that feels and looks amazing!!

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